SHAFT ITALIA SRL is an efficient, dynamic company that operates with skillness in the field of metal shafts for elevator installations purposes.

We cover the product designe, sale and installation. the product is reliable, robust and estetically excellent accortding to the surrounding environment.

The company attitude is to associate professional competence acquired through experience with modern tecnologies and direct contact with customers.

Our staff experience and the production flexibility, allows us to find and therefore indicate optimal solutions including on site consultancy and free quotations.

Our products are granted by QUALITY CERTIFICATION (UNI EN ISO 9001-2OO8 – Certificate no 1115781 ) and by autorized engineers certification signature.

SHAFT ITALIA SRL is classified as a Processing center for the production of metal (Centro di Trasformazione), according to DM January 14, 2008 - Certificate no. 2563/13

SHAFT ITALIA SRL reliability is the result of quality, experience combined with market results.